Goy Detective and the Gentleman Pimp!

Embarking on a new project, filming planned for 2017! Please stay tuned!


48h Film Project!

So thrilled I could take part in the 48h Film Challenge Project and work with the amazing crew that Nancy Paton put together. This is part of the 48 Film Festival and Online Short Film Contest! The voting will open towards the end of the year - I will keep you posted!


Go Daisy!

Daisy is being screened and has been winning awards on many festivals around the world!... It's not only a wonderfully made film but it's also raising awareness about a rare skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa.


"Out of the Blue" Premiere at Dok Leipzig!

The "Out of the Blue" documentary film was selected to be screened at one of the oldest documentary film festivals - Dok Leipzig! Looking forward to it!


Finished working on "Out of the Blue" documentary film

"Out of the Blue" is a documentary film by Piotr Malecki, about the "Budzik" (= "Alarm clock") clinic in Warsaw, Poland for children in a state of coma. They have a very special approach to the condition these children are in, which helps them and their families to recover sooner.


So thrilled to be working on the meaningful film "Daisy" by Nancy Paton :)


Polytech Festival!

Finished composing for the Polytech Festival in Moscow! Exciting!


Leonce and Lena

Congratulations to Danai Goutkidou!...It was an honour that she chose to use my music for her play!:)



Another collaboration with the talented Navarro Aydemir!

The Other Side

One of my recent projects. The beautiful film "The Other SIde" by Adeel Yaqoob.

The Heroes Project

So happy to have my music being used in this Kickstarter campaign - The Heroes Project - directed by Academy Award winner Freida Lee Mock! 3 days to go - please check it out and support!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theheroesproject/the-heroes-project-film (Update from 07/02: the campaign got funded!!)


"A Little Longer" gets an Award!

Smashing News! The beautiful film A Little Longer by Stanislav Tokalov, to which I wrote the music last summer, got the Best Short Film Award at the Latvian National Film Festival!


"Their Feast" get nominated at the Aan Korb Arabic Film and Documentary Festival 2014!

The film "Their feast" by Reem Morsi for which I wrote the music a couple of years ago, was nominated at the BBC Arabic Film and Documentary festival!:) What a great evening it was!



A Little Longer

In the final stages of post production of the beautiful film A Little Longer by Stanislav Tokalov... Here is a draft of the poster :)


Blair Castle Project

The Blair Castle 2015 European Olympic Qualifiers video is now online!


My piece Thalassa was used in this beautiful poetic film by Sebastian Psuja - please check it out! Poem written and recited by Julia Keil.

Love from Sebastian Psuja on Vimeo.


Nostalgia Film

I just finished scoring another short film by Reem Morsi - here is a fragment from "Nostalgia"...


We either try to escape from the past, or looking forward to the future... Let's slow down and appreciate "now"...

This is Chronos (Ancient Greek: Χρόνος, "time")...

Blair Castle 2015 Championships Video

I recently scored the promotional video of the Blair Castle 2015 European Olympic Qualifiers - it will soon be online!


Memories of a Nymph

This is a project based on a painting by Malgosia Stepnik, which took part at a collaborative exhibition - which is still on - at Juno Bar in Shoreditch (the video is played only on certain days). Modeling, rigging, texturing, animation, lighting & compositing was made by Pedro Pérez Medina, the music used is a remixed version of an older piece of mine - "Thalassa". Hope you enjoy it!

Holograms FX Video

Here is the final video with the electronic music adjustments by Luca Bonomo and 3D Models by Pedro Perez Medina.

Universe of Holograms

Here is a piece I recorded last week for a video of the visual fx developer Luca Bonomo. The final version will be electronically tweaked :) and you will be able to listen to it and watch the video very soon!

Universe of Holograms

Recording "Anna Karenina"

The recording sessions of the music for Anna Karenina, directed by Christian Duguay, took place at the Air Studios in London at the end of May. Apart from preparing orchestrations for the Academy Award winning composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek I also worked as the music coordinator, copyist an assistant of the composer. It has been an amazing experience!

Anna Karenina

In the last two months I have been orchestrating for Oscar winning composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, for the film Anna Karenina, directed by Christian Duguay, that will be screened on the Italian TV later on this year!

Citizens UK Project

The Citizens UK organisation deals with community training and I was asked to compose the music for their promoting video, which you can watch below.

The Big Combo

This is a piece I recently submitted for the Film Music Competition in Ghent, Belgium. It didn't get through, but still it was so much fun working on it! If I can I will post it with the viseo soon.

The Big Combo

The Time Being

The film "The Time Being" - directed by Nenad Cicin-Sain, on which I worked as the orchestrator of the Award winning composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek had it's premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this month.

Occupy London

"Occupy London" was a project that went through some ups and downs, some disk crashing and recovering, but there was a lot of positive energy in the making so - here it is! :)

"Extradition" documentary

"Extradition" is a documentary film I scored recently, made for the Islamic Human Rights Commission - below you'll find an excerpt of the music.


Another exciting project!

"Seize the Second" was an advertisement prepared last month for Cannes Lions 2012 Competition!

The Booktrailer is ready! (Italian version)

The Booktrailer for the book "Olivia" by Paola Calvetti. It will soon be published in the US, so an English version will follow:)


Another film with my music will be this year in Cannes! "Their Feast" - a UK/Egypt production by Reem Morsi.

The Return

The story of Olivia...

...sometimes it's good to believe in serendipity, just like she does:)

Below you'll find the music I prepared for the video trailer of the book "Olivia" by Paola Calvetti. The final version of the Booktrailer will be ready soon!


The Whisperers

A little project I worked for recently! Below is a rough development sample for the online element of John Farndon's beautiful story 'The Whisperers', combining the opening sequence for the website and one of the YouTube-style videos that help develop other aspects of the story online. This one is Tai's plea for help...


Like a human being... she has its moods, its bright days and the dark ones, sometimes calm, consoling and inviting and others rough, selfish and aggressive, unpredictable, inscrutable... never truly explored.

Can you ever feel lonely by her side? No, because it's her. The Sea.



Reactivating my Music Drafts page!...As you can see its new name is 'Inspiration Box' and it's going to function as my music blog from now on! Please check it out regurarly - comments welcome!:)

Transatlantyk "Young Composer 2011" - 2nd Prize Winner!

The Transatlantyk Film Music Competition was part of the Transatlantyk International Film and Music Festival held in Poznan, Poland, in August 2011. Composers had to write and produce the music for two short films, very different in character - an excerpt from Aaron Schneider's film Get Low and the animated film Ah created by Joris Bacquet, Bastien Dubois and Simon Moreau.

I have the pleasure to announce that I received the 2nd Prize! :)

Below you'll find the competition films with my music!



French croissant!...

Imagine... A little french village, sunshine, the smell of lavender, someone is riding a bicycle with a basket full of vegetables, others sit at the cafe observing the morning fuss on the street, a lady is hanging out the laundry...people smiling and saying 'bonjour' to each other... My heart is already there... and I am hoping to experience this special atmosphere as I am flying to Cannes in two days!... And I will definitely enjoy a real french croissant!:)

With this occation I would like to tell you than my Draft of the Day will be changing now - because of travels and various commitments it will become a bit more rare but I will be uploading longer and more developed ideas. I hope you will still like to come back here and have a listen!

French croissant

One Month!

After one Royal Wedding, two bank holidays, a weekend and an absurd, inexplicable telephone line confusion, internet problems are still here but a temporary solution has been found and I am uploading my drafts from the last six days!

It's already one month from the day I set up my 'Draft of the day'!… I really hope you've enjoyed it so far!…

#31 Time

#30 Nana

#29 Wild East

#28 Deisis

#27 Never again

#26 Tranquillity

An old idea...

Tonight something old. One of these simple ideas that stayed with me over the years, shy and almost silent, somewhere there in the back of my mind.


Running thoughts

There is a time when you feel that changes are happening, around you and inside you, and you're taken over by the tumult of your thoughts, and you know that there is no stopping, and you are almost certain that this is leading you to something magnificent!...

Race of thoughts

Lazy Monday

After a marvelous, festive and joyful Easter Sunday comes Easter Mond... eer...No! Lazy Monday!:)

Lazy Monday


Sunshine, blue sky, roasted lamb, smiling faces, dance, wine!... Happy Sunny Easter!:)

Greek Easter


Silent city, hot wind, dark clouds, all you could hear was the rain...


Great Friday...

Inspired by one of the most beautiful Great Friday Lamentations... Have a wonderful Easter everyone!

Great Friday


It simply appears and suddenly you feel like the pendulum in a hypnotiser's hand...



I completely don't know what to write here tonight... I guess I just want to wish everyone a good night with this little piece that doesn't really sound like a lullaby...


A Trip

I was asked to record a piece of music for a promo that has to do with a train trip to the mountains... This is what I prepared.

A train trip


Quiet, dark, lonely, droning, bright, beautiful dancing bodies... The full moon always reminds me of our place in this endless cosmos...



Begin by getting comfortable. You may want to sit or lie down. Close your eyes, or focus your gaze on one spot in the room. Start to relax your body, beginning with your feet. (...) Imagine you are on a beautiful tranquil beach... Breathe in.... and out....... Keep breathing slowly.... deeply.... and let your body relax completely... :))

Relax on the beach

The Secret

Tonight... something from the drawer - for someone special... :)

The Secret

Night sky

Watching the night sky… I was planning to write something poetic here but just realised that music comes easier than words tonight...

Night sky

From the bus window…

…A woman holding a child, a man taking out some rubbish, a group of people arguing about something, a girl carrying heavy shopping bags… The view from the bus window... everyday life.



Pack a few things, set automatic replies and follow the sun highway to the unknown… Wouldn't it be great?…

Sun Highway


Another Monday. Whether we like it or not they keep coming back. They bring us closer to plans and dreams we are looking forward to. They take us further from memories...

Romantic Monday


Springtime! Nature's awakening engulfs everything and everyone... How I'd love to go to the woods today, walk barefoot in the grass, smell the spring air and feel closer to Mother Earth again...


Rumba Triste

Sometimes, even on a beautiful, bright, sunny day Melancholy just comes uninvited and sits there with you... She came this afternoon, looking for someone to chat with. I was not in the mood, but rather than being rude and telling her to leave I asked her to write some music for me.

Rumba Triste


There is a saying in Greek that says "if you hold my nose now I'll explode" used to show how very angry someone is… So there - don't hold my nose and better don't stand on my way tonight! %$^%£^%$^%£^%$!……


Funny memories

Like many of us when I was a child I believed that my toys came alive at night - I never really saw them, but I was convinced it was really happening when I was asleep! I remember, once I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed some shadows moving in my room. I was pretty sure that I had just caught the last movements of this flamboyant party I was not allowed to be part of…

Toys' dance

Longing for...

A long day at work, then some 'technical problems'… but hey! Nothing can stop me!:) Here it is for today. We are all longing for something… I'll be less romantic and I'll say I'm longing for my bed right now! Good night everyone!


A rainy day in the luna park...

Gloomy sky, drops of rain have covered my windows, the windchimes stroked by the wind can't stop playing their music... Wasn't it beautiful when we were kids that all fairytales seemed so real and magic was everywhere?

Oh, how I miss this time…


Run Natali, run!

Lessons, phone calls, running, metro, signal failure, getting late, quick lunch, booking flights... What a day!

One minute... and a second

New Moon New start

With this new moon today 3rd of April I decided to start uploading a new music idea every day for a month. All my thoughts sorrows happynesses melancholies my moodyness grumpiness impatience silliness restlessness hopes and anxieties... will be here for you to desipher in this musical blog. I hope you enjoy it.